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Login to Soundverse with your credentials or directly log in through a Google account, Instagram or Spotify.

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Interface Tour

This is what Soundverse Studio looks like! You will find everything out here to create a perfect composition. In the left area of the screen, you find the panel which has your projects, explore section and my library. In the middle, we have a chat view where you have an extended chat feature, prompt bar and more controls. you will find Arrangement View on the right side of the studio and its controls. At the top, you will find the notification bell icon where in you will find all the new features or add-on updates and the export tab to download the whole composition of the arrangement view.

AI Magic Tools

Use AI Magic Tools such as Text to Music, Lyrics Writing or Stem Separation to realize your content dreams quickly. AI magic tools are the tools which will let the creator generate music or audio in a shorter span of time and with great efficiency. With the help of AI magic tools, even amateurs can generate music in one go. AI magic tools have lyrics generation, stem separation, text to music, extend audio, auto-complete song and auto-select. To know more about about AI Magic Tools and their usage click here: https://help.soundverse.ai/create/ai-magic-tools

Arrangement Studio

With this functionality, you can take the music you’ve created in the studio and explore even greater depths of composition and arrangement. arrangement studio allows users to control specifics of the arrangement such as intro, verse, drop, chorus, outro, bridge etc. This allows users to have more finer control of the generated composition. Users can drag and drop/ add the snippets into this tab. They can additionally easily move, extend, and delete sections such as chorus or outro. To know more about Arrangement Studio and its functionality, click here: https://help.soundverse.ai/create/arrangement-view


Soundverse Assistant is an intelligent and intuitive tool designed to understand you and your unique musical taste. It empowers you to elevate your music production skills and create exceptional compositions with ease. You can conversate with the assistant to generate better audios and get your desired result.

Now Soundverse Assistant can decide the AI Magic Tool required to process your request! Just type in the prompt mentioning your requirements, select auto in AI Magic Tools and sit back. Soundverse will automatically generate the required output by using the appropriate AI Magic Tool. You can get more information about Soundverse Assistant by clicking here: https://help.soundverse.ai/create/soundverse-assistant

Craft a prompt

Craft a perfect prompt to be given as the input to the Soundverse assistant. In order to get the desired audio, provide an elaborative prompt to the assistant. Here are some tips to draft the perfect prompt:

  • Specify the genre- Rock, electronic, house, pop, jazz etc.
  • Mention the instruments to be included- Guitar, Bass, Synth, Piano, Drums etc.
  • Narrate the vibe of the audio to Soundverse
  • After receiving initial outputs, feel free to iterate and refine your prompt based on the results.
  • Don’t be afraid to let the AI surprise you. Sometimes, giving it some creative freedom can yield fantastic results.


  • Craft a modern hard rock song with a ‘powerful’ and ‘high-energy’ vibe. Feature roaring electric guitars, pounding drums, and a fast tempo. This track should be perfect for pumping up the adrenaline.

  • Generate an electronic dance music (EDM) composition with a ‘hypnotic’ and ‘uplifting’ feel. Employ synthesizers, a pounding bassline, and a brisk tempo. Create a track that’s sure to get the party started on the dancefloor.

  • Produce a grunge-inspired rock anthem that’s raw and rebellious. Incorporate distorted guitars and powerful drums. Create a song that captures the spirit of alternative rock from the ’90s.

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Generate Audio

Type in the perfect prompt and then click on the arrow to generate the audio. You can click on the three dots present at the left of the arrow to select the duration, loop etc.

More options

Selecting duration

Click on the three dots present at the left side of the arrow, click on duration and then select 15 seconds or 30 seconds as per your requirement.

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Loop function

Click on the three dots present at the left side of the arrow, click on loop and turn on/off.

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Export the entire composition

You can export the contents of the arrangement view, by clicking on the export button on the top right of the studio. You can export the audio file in MP3 or WAV format. Although to download any clip individually, you can hover over it, click three dots and select download.

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Regenerate Audio

Regenerate audio feature enhances user satisfaction by providing an intuitive solution for refining generated audio outputs. In instances where users find themselves dissatisfied with the initial result, a simple click on the “regenerate” option empowers them to request a new rendition of the audio based on the same prompt. Users have to hover over the prompt, click on the three dots and select regenrate, the AI will automatically process the request and generate required output. By allowing users to easily iterate on the generated audio, the regenerate option promotes a user-friendly experience, ensuring that individuals can fine-tune and customize their outputs to align more closely with their needs and expectations.


Sharing Clips-

Users can easily share the generated audios/clips, click on the three dots besides the clip and click on share. You can either copy the link or share directly on the social media platforms. Users can even share the extended audio by following the same steps.

Sharing Project-

Users can even share their project with teammates, friends or family. Hover over the project you want to share, click on the three dost and select share. You can either copy the link or share directly on the social media platforms.

Sharing Collection-

To share the collection you just need to :

  1. Click on the three dots of the collection card you wish to share.
  2. Select share and then a dialog box will appear
  3. Copy the link or directly send it across platforms through soundverse.

Privacy Settings

Privacy settings depicts the visibility of the clip, collection or project to other poeple. When you share any clip, collection or project,in the dialog box you will find privacy settings. There are three options available- public and private. Also, in case you share a clip you will find another option, restricted in the list. When you share any clip, collection or project, make sure to change it to Restricted/ Public for it to be visible to others.