Limitations of Soundverse

At Soundverse, our mission is to provide an AI Assistant for Content and Music Creators. While we continually strive for excellence, it’s vital to acknowledge the current constraints of our system. Here, we delve deeper into these limitations to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding:

  • Vocals and Vocal Songs: Soundverse does not possess the capability to generate vocals or create songs with vocals. Our focus is primarily on instrumental music generation. If you require lyrical content or vocal melodies, our AI is not equipped for this purpose.
  • Individual Instruments: Soundverse does not generate isolated individual instrument tracks, such as standalone drum or bass tracks. However, you can separate stems from the generated clips, giving you the flexibility to focus on specific elements in your music.
  • Prompt Length and Context: The length and context of your prompt play a crucial role in the quality of the output. In general, longer prompts with more context tend to yield better results. Providing detailed input reduces the chances of our AI producing imaginative or hallucinated output, resulting in more accurate and coherent compositions.
  • Arrangement Studio: Currently, the primary way to interact with generated audio is through our arrangement view. While we are actively working to expand our functionality with a conversational assistant, for now, the arrangement view remains the core feature for manipulating the generated music.
  • Duration in Text Prompt: It’s important to note that mentioning duration in the text prompt does not affect the generated audio. To specify the duration of your music, please make use of our Chat UI, which provides a more effective means of control.
  • High Traffic Situations: During periods of high user traffic, it’s possible that wait times for audio generation may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these peak usage times, as we work to ensure that you receive your generated content as swiftly as possible.
  • Output Quality: While our AI strives to produce high-quality compositions, there may be instances where the initial output is perceived as average. However, you have the option to improve the results by utilizing the “regenerate” feature, or simply by resending the same prompt, enabling you to iteratively refine your generated music.
  • Sound Effects: Presently, our AI does not have the capability to generate sound effects. Nonetheless, we are actively exploring the addition of this feature in the future, providing users with an even broader spectrum of creative possibilities.
  • Scale and Tempo Understanding: Our AI’s ability to understand elements such as scale and tempo can be inconsistent. In some cases, it may grasp this information accurately, while in others, it may require multiple regenerations to produce the desired results. We appreciate your patience in fine-tuning these parameters.
  • Chord Sequences: Soundverse may not consistently comprehend complex chord sequences. For example, specifying a piano sequence like Am, C, G, Em may not guarantee an exact replication. In rare scenarios, it may produce the requested sequence, but this is not guaranteed.
  • Negative Prompting: Our AI currently does not understand negative prompts. If you request something like “Don’t generate drums and bass, only generate piano,” there is a likelihood that the output will still include drums and bass along with the piano, as our AI does not yet possess this level of specificity.

We are dedicated to the continuous improvement and expansion of Soundverse’s capabilities. Your understanding and patience are invaluable to us as we work tirelessly to provide a more comprehensive and refined music generation experience. Should you have any questions or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. Thank you for choosing Soundverse!